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4 Ways You Can Lose Your Driver’s License in Illinois

 Posted on January 29,2019 in License Reinstatement

Naperville DUI LawyerThe United States Constitution guarantees many rights for American citizens, such as the right to free speech, to protest, and to bear arms. Though many people think driving is a right, it is not. It is a privilege. There is nothing that guarantees your right to drive a vehicle. 

In Illinois, there are multiple ways you can lose your license, some that have nothing to do with moving violations. Before a driver’s license suspension, the Illinois Secretary of State will send you a written notice in the mail. 

Here are a few ways you can lose your driving privileges in Illinois:

Driving While Intoxicated

The most common way Illinois residents lose their driving privileges is through a DUI arrest. As a first-time offender in Illinois, if you fail a chemical test or fail to complete a test, you will have your driving privileges suspended for six months by the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office. If you refuse to take a chemical test, your license will be suspended for 12 months. These are penalties for statutory summary suspensions, but being convicted of DUI can carry increased penalties.

Failure to Pay Child Support

Illinois courts react harshly to parents who do not pay court-ordered child support. The Deadbeats Don’t Drive program allows Illinois courts to take action against parents who are three months or more behind on child support payments. Either the court or the Department of Healthcare and Family Services can impose a driving suspension if you are behind on a support obligation.

Failure to Appear in Court

When you are issued a citation, the issuing police officer will inform you if you are required to appear in court to satisfy the terms. Letting a citation sit without doing so is a bad idea, and you could lose your driving privileges. If you do not appear in traffic court, for instance, a circuit court will issue your driver’s license suspension.

Unresolved Parking Violations

You can also lose your driving privileges for not resolving parking violations you may have. If you have been issued 10 or more parking tickets and they remain unpaid, a parking municipality can request a license suspension from the Secretary of State.

Contact a DuPage County Driver’s License Reinstatement Attorney

Driving is a crucial part of most people’s lives. Though it is not a guaranteed right, it is an expected privilege that is very much needed. If you have lost your driving privileges for any reason, the Law Office of Patricia Magana, LLC will fight to get them back. Our experienced Naperville, IL driver’s license reinstatement lawyers can help you through the driver’s license reinstatement process and petition to get you driving again. Call our office today at 630-448-2001 to schedule a free consultation. Se habla Español.



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