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Can My Driver’s License be Suspended or Revoked in Illinois for Fraud?

 Posted on May 10,2021 in Criminal Defense

IL defense lawyerBeing accused of identity fraud can be a very frightening experience. In the state of Illinois, individuals who are facing fraudulent ID charges may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the circumstances of their case. Regardless if a conviction is made, however, the Secretary of State does have the authority to suspend or revoke your driver’s license. If you have lost your driving privileges due to ID fraud charges, it is important to discuss your legal needs with a skilled attorney as soon as possible.

Actions That Can Lead to a Suspended or Revoked License

In Illinois, the Secretary of State is eligible to suspend or revoke an individual’s driver’s license if her or she:

  • Has lent his or her driver’s license or identification card to another person for fraudulent purposes
  • Is in possession of and/or is attempting to use another person’s driver’s license or identification card
  • Has knowingly provided false information on a driver’s license or identification card application
  • Has another person apply for a driver’s license or identification card on their behalf
  • Is caught altering a government-issued driver’s license or identification card
  • Is caught producing, selling, distributing, or possessing a fake identification card

In most instances, for a first-time offense, the Secretary of State will suspend an individual’s driver’s license for 12 months. For any ensuing offenses, however, your driving privileges may be revoked.

In the event that an individual has used false information to acquire a driver’s license or state identification card, the Secretary of State will launch an investigation in order to authenticate that individual’s true identity. Once that information is verified, the Secretary of State will create a new driving record for that individual and transfer all offenses to the new record. Furthermore, depending on the circumstances, that person’s driving privileges may be suspended for 12 months or may even be revoked.

Contact a DuPage County Fraud Investigation Representation Lawyer

At the Law Office of Patricia Magaña, LLC, we understand the consequences that can result from a suspended or revoked driver’s license. Having more than 15 years of experience aggressively representing individuals who are trying to regain their driving privileges, Attorney Patricia Magaña is fluent in English and Spanish and works diligently to help her clients achieve legal success and a favorable outcome. Contact our experienced Naperville secretary of state hearing attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.




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