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How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help Your DUI Case

 Posted on August 31,2020 in DUI

IL DUI LawyerEvery single year thousands of Illinoisans are arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Due to the sheer number of annual drunk driving accidents as well as the recent legalization of recreational marijuana, law enforcement officials are increasingly on the lookout for signs of inebriated driving. While most people that a DUI charge will automatically result in a conviction, the truth of the matter is that a skilled defense attorney can be invaluable in helping you avoid a conviction. If you are facing DUI charges, it is time to speak with a criminal defense attorney you can believe in.

Improper Traffic Stops

In order to be pulled over for a DUI traffic stop, a law enforcement official must spot an initial traffic violation. If a police officer pulls you over while you were in full compliance with traffic ordinances, the evidence gained after the stop may be deemed inadmissible in court. A skilled attorney will investigate the traffic stop through witness testimony and surveillance footage to deem if the actions of the officer match up with the events leading up to the stop.

False Signs of Inebriation

In some instances, a police officer will misidentify signs of inebriation. For example, red or puffy eyes could be seen as a sign of intoxication, but could actually be due to a medical condition or allergic reaction. The same notion applies to slurred speech and other motor skill challenges, the defendant may be facing due to a medical condition. Recounting every step of the arrest process to your attorney is critically important in helping them build a strong defense case. If you have any medical conditions that may have represented false signs of intoxication, let your attorney know immediately.

Police Missteps During the Arrest Process

It is entirely common for a law enforcement officer to act in a negligent manner during the arrest process, especially in DUI cases. If a police officer forces you to take part in chemical testing or uses threatening or abusive language, the case may be dropped. If an acting officer fails to read you your Miranda rights at the time of the arrest, any evidence gained after the arrest may be inadmissible. A knowledgeable attorney will know how to identify signs of police negligence and abuse.

Contact a Naperville DUI Defense Attorney

With years of experience in the state of Illinois, Attorney Patricia Magaña is dedicated to helping her clients avoid serious convictions. A DUI conviction can result in serious criminal charges, significant fines, and potential loss of employment. In order to give yourself the best chances of avoiding a conviction, you need an attorney you can trust. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced DuPage County criminal defense attorney, call us today at 630-448-2001.




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