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How Can I Erase My Criminal Record in Naperville?

 Posted on January 07, 2022 in Criminal Defense

Naperville Criminal Defense AttorneyBeing arrested, charged with, or convicted of a crime can change your life forever. Not only can criminal convictions lead to jail time, and other penalties, being involved in the criminal justice system can also damage your personal and professional reputation. Having a criminal record can adversely affect your ability to get a job, secure housing, and live the life you want to. Understandably, many people are eager to get their criminal records erased. Read on to learn about expungements and record sealing in Illinois and what you should do if you want help erasing your criminal record.

Erasing Your Arrest Record

People get arrested every day. Whether due to an allegation of driving under the influence (DUI), shoplifting, drug possession, or another crime, being placed under arrest is not the same thing as being charged or convicted of a crime. Unfortunately, even if your arrest did not result in a conviction, there may still be a record of the arrest. Others may be able to view this arrest record and use it against you. Fortunately, you may be able to have the record of your arrest cleared from your record through the expungement process.

What Offenses Can Be Expunged?

Expungement completely erases or destroys a person’s criminal record. If you were charged with a crime but were not convicted, you can probably get your record expunged. Typically, an individual qualifies for expungement if:

  • He or she was acquitted of the criminal charges

  • Charges were never filed

  • The charges were dismissed

  • The person completed court supervision or probation

  • The person was convicted but the conviction was overturned

Sealing Your Criminal Record

When a criminal record is expunged, it is erased. However, not everyone qualifies for expungement. If you do not qualify for expungement, you may still be able to get your criminal records sealed. When records are sealed, they are hidden from the general public. This means that the conviction will not show up on most background checks. Government agencies and certain employers may still be able to see the record.

Contact a Will County Record Expungement and Sealing Lawyer

You can have a criminal record even if you were never convicted of the crime. Fortunately, many criminal records can be expunged or sealed. If you want help sealing or expunging your criminal record in Illinois, contact Law Office of Patricia Magaña, LLC for help. Aurora criminal defense lawyer Patricia Magaña can evaluate your situation and help you determine whether you qualify for record sealing or expungement.  If you do qualify, she and the rest of our team will guide you through the record clearing process. Call 630-448-2001 today for a confidential consultation. Se Habla Español.




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