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The Impact of Multiple DUI Convictions

 Posted on August 27,2019 in DUI

IL DUI lawyerThroughout the state of Illinois, upwards of 25,000 people are charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, on an annual basis. Despite the large number of DUI arrests made each year, a DUI charge is not something to be taken lightly. A first-time DUI offender can face a number of serious consequences, most notably fines and possible loss of driving privileges. Once a person has been convicted of one DUI though, the stakes are raised significantly. Having multiple DUI convictions on one’s personal record, can seriously alter a person’s life, and significantly impact their livelihood. Below, we will examine the impacts of multiple DUI convictions, and how to react if you are facing inebriated driving charges.

The Consequences of Multiple Convictions

Given the inherent dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol (more than 300 people were fatally injured in crashes involving drunk drivers in Illinois, throughout 2017), it should come as no surprise that the charges rise significantly in severity if a person is convicted multiple times. According to Illinois state law, a first-time DUI offense will result in a Class A misdemeanor and a one-year license revocation period.

If a person is convicted of a DUI within a twenty-year period of their first conviction, the charges begin to be more severe. While a second DUI conviction still constitutes a Class A misdemeanor, the party charged will face a five-year license revocation period and a minimum of five days in prison or 240 hours of community service.

After a second DUI charge, it should be noted that the implications of the conviction can go further than the initial legal implications. Multiple DUI convictions can indicate to prospective employers, landlords, or admission officers that offender is irresponsible or not trustworthy.

If a person is charged with a third DUI, their life could be changed forever. Here in the state of Illinois, a third DUI conviction constitutes a Class 2 felony, and a ten-year license revocation period. If you are facing a DUI charge, it is important to seek out the guidance of a legal professional as soon as possible.

Contact a Skilled Naperville DUI Defense Attorney

Attorney Patricia Magaña fully understands the manner in which a person’s life can be drastically impacted by a DUI charge. Because of this, she has dedicated her career to fighting diligently for those charged with criminal offenses. Attorney Magaña will look over your case and seek out a compelling defense strategy, that could result in no conviction. If you are charged with driving under the influence, contact an experienced DuPage County criminal defense lawyer by calling 630-448-2001.




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