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Understanding What Constitutes Reckless Driving in Illinois

 Posted on June 15,2023 in Traffic Violations

Aurora Traffic Violation LawyerReckless driving refers to the operation of a vehicle with deliberate or indeliberate disregard or lack of attention to the safety of people or property. This is a significant issue in Illinois since reckless driving offenses can easily cause serious injuries or even death. As a result, Illinois has strict laws that penalize those who commit reckless driving offenses. Therefore, if you are facing these charges, it is essential to contact a traffic violations attorney to ensure your interests are adequately protected during your case. 

Important Factors Regarding Reckless Driving

Behind every reckless driving charge is the assertion that the vehicle’s operator knew how they were driving was dangerous, yet they failed to adhere to traffic guidelines because they were indifferent to the consequences of their actions. Moreover, recklessness can be expressed in multiple forms. Some of the most common instances of reckless driving include DUI, speed racing, not adhering to traffic signals, or even aggressive driving behavior, showing high indifference to the evasions they pose to and against road commuters legally observant of road rules and laws.

Courts in Illinois generally emphasize that intent does not necessarily need to arise for an act to constitute reckless driving. The law lists “willful and wanton” disregard as a prerequisite for reckless driving, as opposed to pure negligence. Irrespective of the driver’s motive for driving recklessly, their disregard for road safety can constitute a reckless driving charge. 

What Defense Strategies Exist for Charges of Reckless Driving?

If you are facing a charge of reckless driving, acting fast and hiring a traffic violations attorney is crucial. Your attorney can investigate the circumstances of the arrest, evaluate the evidence against the accused, and prepare an aggressive defense that challenges the prosecution’s case. 

Your defense strategy may involve challenging the credibility of eyewitnesses or even technical issues with your vehicle. Ultimately, however, the ideal defense for a reckless driving case depends on each case’s unique facts and circumstances. As stated, consulting with and hiring a traffic violations attorney will likely afford you the best opportunity to fight these charges and pursue a favorable case outcome. 

Contact a Naperville Traffic Violations Attorney

A common misconception regarding traffic violations is that they are petty offenses without harsh consequences. However, it is important to understand that reckless driving differs from other traffic violations, as a police officer may decide to arrest you instead of issuing you a simple ticket. To defend yourself against the negative consequences of a conviction, contact the experienced Will County traffic violations lawyer with Law Office of Patricia Magaña, LLC. Call 630-448-2001 for a free consultation. 




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